not again…


add to the list of things stolen from me: yet another mobile phone, my trusty sony ericsson.

i’m too incensed to write anything more now.


5 Responses to “not again…”

  1. not again!!! r u cursed or sumthing? r u okay? i no how u feel.

  2. tsk tsk!

  3. did u lose it or did someone actually mug u?

  4. yea.. i wanna know what lahoree asked too….

    apart from that.. im sorry dude 😦

  5. “mugged” would be inaccurate and “lost” would be an understatement.

    bagged, burglarized, carried off, filched, lifted, looted, misappropriated, nicked, pilfered, pinched, purloined, swiped, took, thieved… would be more accurate. take your pick.

    i now have to make do with a motorola, a brand i hate almost as much as lg. poor me.

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